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A caravan service is a detailed report, usually carried out annually. You will be given a written report with evidence that covers everything from tests on your appliances, a complete damp report and safety of the running gear, chassis and braking system. 



Regular servicing will include the inspection of all the dangerous aspects of the motorhome including gas tightness test, carbon monoxide analysis from appliances and detectors. Electrical tests and safety devices. Regular servicing will help to keep you and your loved ones safe.


We are proud members of the Approved Workshop Scheme, the only organisation recognised by all UK manufacturers, meaning we can carry out services and validate your warranty. Warranties on leisure vehicles are ver much worth keeping, as when things go wrong they can be very costly. Please click here for manufacturer warranty windows.


Regular servicing will find any minor issues before they become costly repairs. Using Vanlife services will also save you money as we come to you, so you will not need to use unnecessary fuel in towing it to premises and our overheads are lower so you will benefit from a cheaper service price. 

Why get a service?

We offer a wide range of repairs and installations. Please see the price list for information on some of the services available. For anything not listed please get in touch for a free estimate!

Repairs & Installations

Electrical Systems

Armed with the latest electrical testing equipment, we check all electrical systems including

230v appliances, earth and bonding continuity, RCD trip times, MCBs, electrical sockets, charging system.

12v circuits, fuses, lighting, battery condition and voltage

Road lights, charging facility and fridge function From engine alternator

Gas Systems

Gas can be very dangerous if not maintained properly. We carry out a letby test on the cylinder to ensure it is not allowing gas into the system even when turned off (1 in 10 bottles do let-by)

Tightness test to ensure there are no leaks in system.

Age/condition of gas hoses and regulator. 

Operation tests and Carbon monoxide readings from all appliances using the latest flue gas analysing equipment. (Appliances only serviced by pre-arrangement or if advised at extra cost.)


Damp readings can drastically alter the selling price of a caravan. Thats why it is very important to get regular damp checks to identify ingress early, before minor issues become costly repairs. 

With specialised damp testing equipment, we use non invasive scanners to identify ingress points with out leaving thousands of pin pricks year after year. Prong damp meter will only be used to acurately assess the percentage of ingress. 

You will recieve a detailed report along with the service, with recomendations and estimate of work required to rectify. 

Water Systems

Water leaks can be devestating to caravans if left unchecked for long periods. 

We check the entire fresh water system to ensure it is leak free, calibrated and all taps, toilet and waste system are functioning correctly. 

We always drain the system down after service. 

Water filters are available for replacement if needed. Its advised to replace filter at least once a year depending on usage. 

Descale and purification service is also available. If using hard water, it can affect pressure relief drain valves if left unchecked. 

Fire & Safety

When it comes to safety, there is nothing more important to us. 

We will inspect and test your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarms for date and functionality. 

We also go above and beyond by testing your gas appliances to ensure CO levels are safe for habitation. 

Fire extinguishers will also be inspected if present. 


We check for adequate ventilation in fixed areas, low and high, to ensure good air flow. 

The operation of rooflights and ceiling fans.

Ensure to make sure lower vents are not blocked to allow air flow and gas drop out vents, in the event of a gas leak.

Bodywork & Furniture

As part of a complete service we will condition of the external bodywork before starting, make present any dents or scratches. 

Check all windows and doors for operation and good seals and any blinds, flyscreens and latches. 

External seals will be advised if damp readings found internally. 

A visual check of all internal furniture, cupboards and worktops. 

Floor delamination is very common in leisure vehicles. If the floor is spongey there are are a few ways to rectify which we can discuss if found. No problem for our mobile workshop.  

Chassis & Running Gear

We carry out a thorough check of all chassis components, removal of wheels and drums, brake clean, service and adjustment, coupling head and hitch pads, tyre condition, age and pressures, 

Grease/lubrication of all moving parts. 

Roadlight and ATC test. With our in depth checks we will ensure your caravan is ready for the road or advise on how we can get you back up and running

What's Included in a Service?

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